Legal Difference between Murder & Homicide


What is the Difference Between Murder and Homicide?

Murder is homicide with intent (pre-planned) and homicide is when one person kills another. Murder is not defined by common law, rather it is defined by statute. However, homicide has quite a different connotation and results in different legal ramifications, sometimes none at all.

While the terms murder and homicide may be interchanged frequently, they certainly have very different definitions in the eyes of the law. The different variations of these crimes may all depend on the morality, cause, and execution of the act, all of which are usually decided upon by a jury.

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What Is Murder?

  • Intentional killing
  • Unlawful, as in not legally justified
  • Committed with malice aforethought, also known as the intention to kill someone without legal justification or excuse
  • Intentional infliction of bodily harm that causes victim’s death
  • Behavior that shows extremely reckless disregard for life and results in the victim’s death

What Is a Homicide?

  • Any killing of a human being by another human being
  • Justifiable killing, such as self-defense or otherwise
  • May not necessarily be illegal, though unlawful homicide is classified as a crime like murder and manslaughter

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